May Natural History Museum

The World's Largest Private Insect Collection


Visit the World’s Largest Private Insect Collection

Close to Colorado Springs, perfect for kids!

With over 7,000 species of beautiful butterflies, moths, bizarre beetles, giant spiders, deadly scorpions and more! Known as the “Bug Museum” to many children and families around the area, the May Natural History Museum is a fun place for bug enthusiasts, scientists and anybody wanting to explore the creepy and crawly!

For over 80 years, May Museum Founder James May traveled the world finding over 100,000 fascinating specimens of bugs, insects and other things that crawl on the ground. Visit one of the world’s largest private collections of outstanding giant insects, related creatures and rare artifacts.

With beetles so big they knocked people over in flight, you’re sure to find the coolest bugs here!

To Complete Your Visit:

  • Bring your camera to take pictures of all the creepy crawly bugs
  • Explore the gift shop with fun trinkets, books and educational gifts
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy our beautiful grounds


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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I saw the Strange Inheritance show. Good story wish they had shown one or two species never seen again. I’m coming out next year or two to that area and will check it out!

  2. I saw the story of your museum this evening on Strange Inheritances. You are all to be highly commended for keeping this collection intact and open to the public. Collections such as yours are, in my opinion, national treasures. It would be shame to see the collection be parceled out piecemeal. It made me very sad to see the breakup of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum and the scattering of the museum pieces. When I am traveling in your area, I will be certain to stop for a visit. Keep up the great work for science and for the children.


    James D Snyder
    Bowling Green, OH



  5. Highly enjoyed watching the program on Fox Business Network about your wonderful organization. I have a long-time friend who was awarded a full four-year scholarship to study at Auburn University in Alabama because she showed the professors her personal bug collection she accumulated growing up on her family’s farm. She earned her Ph.D. in Entomology, did research at AU, and is now retired near San Marcos, Texas. I emailed her about your museum and its location. Good luck in the coming months.

  6. I just saw your museum on tv. What a great story! I wish your family well and hope to see your museum when I visit.

  7. I once visited this wonderful place as a kid on a school trip it was great. Its been over 20 years and I still talk about it!!!! Wanting to take my girls there soon.

  8. Hi, as a kid, I lived in Ft. Carson between 1964-1968 & never knew your museum was there. However, as an adult of a whopping 21 in 1975, my ex & I visited where I use to live & happened to keep going down the hiway, where to our great amazement, we saw the giant beetle & pulled in to check out your museum. I have never forgotten it & to this day, collect insects & oddities myself. I actually ran into a teacher that was working at your museum at the time, that use to teach history when I was a kid going to elem. school at Ft. Carson. I wish I could remember his name. Damn, it sucks to be 62 now!! Just as I get off of the computer, his name will certainly pop into my head! That’s how it goes once you pass a certain age. Anyway, I have never forgotten your museum, it has always been one of the pieces of specialness I have kept thru my life… those memories of seeing all those giant bugs, especially the spiders as big as plates!! Please don’t ever close down. I keep hoping I will be able to save the money to get out there again. I live in NJ & I missed those mountains & that area for at least 20 years & then I guess I had to let go. But your museum is something I will never let go of. At 21, I felt like a kid of 12 again, going thru your museum. Thank you so much.. Even though the original owners are most likely not there anymore, nor probably those who ran the place in 1975, but thank you, thank you All. I hate to end this email. It’s almost like I touched base again with that kid inside me. Thanks for putting up with this kid inside this “older” woman & my wandering email. I hope to see you there soon! All my love to that place & to you guys taking care & running it! Lola Tascione

  9. Saw it on strange inheritance tonite and thought would be a great place to take my daughter who is into bugs and studying them since she was very young will see about getting there in the next year or two

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